Why Choose Ho-Cun sourcing?


Why Consider Ho-Cun Sourcing ?
A reliable strategic sourcing services provider can bring advantages to in-house teams that make up for capabilities those teams might lack. They provide access to a wide pool of category-specific experts, along with the assurance of road-tested, smooth-running processes and the efficiency of powerful technology. Not only does this enable best-value sourcing, it allows procurement teams to advance along the maturity curve with a sharper focus on core strategic activities and better alignment with organizational goals.


Strategic sourcing is an organizational procurement and supply man-agement process used to locate, develop, qualify, and employ suppliers that add maximum value to the buyer’s products or services.
The major objective of strategic sourcing is to engage suppliers that align with the strategic business and operational goals of the organization.
We apply the term “strategic” to recognize that many sourcing projects require a long-term plan of supply chain action. It’s meeting the needs of this relatively long time horizon that makes sourcing “strategic.”
When the word “global” is added to the title, it means that suppliers may
be selected beyond the organization’s national borders.

Strategic Global Sourcing Best Practices (Best Practices (John Wiley  Sons)) (Fred Sollish


Extensive category experience and expertise is a given for any sourcing services firm, evidenced by the quality and diversity of talent at its disposal. A vast pool of in-house category and subject matter experts usually points to a solid sourcing capability.

Leading sourcing services providers can be counted on to include many of the industry’s most accomplished, insightful and innovative category specialists on their roster. A roster that also comprises seasoned industry experts, recognized thought leaders, commodity and material consultants, and market intelligence professionals — all focused on delivering world-class value to clients.


Sourcing consulting services require a great deal of flexibility. Best-of-breed sourcing BPO providers are inherently adaptable in their delivery approach. This means that their solutions are custom configured to fit varying client objectives, both short and long term, from category-specific programs to multiyear engagements aimed at achieving future-oriented targets.


Value manifests itself in numerous ways, from bottom-line savings and support of category management imperatives, to identifying alternative sources of supply for key stakeholder groups within the business, to providing targeted market information. The mechanism for extracting this value is a combination of client process optimization, collaboration and Ho-Cun efficient and effective execution. We consider proactive sourcing a direct output of category management initiatives, market analysis and pipeline activities. In addition, sourcing is a direct input to contracting and supplier management, and ultimately falls within category management (the procurement cycle).

Sourcing departments must conduct due diligence and develop plans to proactively pursue productive opportunities for the business. But at the same time, they must be able to effectively react to the needs of the business. Through the application of our flexible and market-leading approach, Ho-Cun enables our clients to address both the challenges efficiently.