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GV enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. GV consists of professional developers, designers, production personnel, and quality control personnel with years of experience. We devote all our energy to combine advanced technologies. We integrated CNC lathes, CNC internal machining, plastic injection, precision casting, aluminum and zinc die casting, and stamping mechanical equipment (Equipment with operating programs : CAD→ Purchase→ Feed→ Production Process → Assembly→ Quality Control Service). Brand OEM integrates global resources into market, in order to provide better services for our customers. Under strict quality control, TUV, ISO9001, and the pursuit of zero defect managements, they have made our OEM and ODM adopted by world renowned petrochemical industry, optoelectronics industry, biotechnology medical, semiconductor, and electronic chemical manufacturing.The current customers are Sinopec、 PetroChina、CNOOC, China Shenhua、China Coal、China Guodian ,China Car,Vietnam power plant, S-Oil, BYD , Samsung, LG, SK, TYCO, (including GEKO), Omal, SFV, and other. Our high self-requested standards make us maintain the advantages of the international market, and ultimately our products will be widely used in the world-renowned enterprises, such as GE, GEA, HITACHI, TOYO, POSCO, ABB, TOTAL, BP, BASF, DOW, BAYER, ROCHE, LINDE, NOVARTIS, NESTLE, SYNGENTA,TATA STEEL. In 2016, to meet diverse needs of the customers around the world, Germany GEKO buy shares into GV. We officially changed our name to Taiwan Geko Valve Corporation. We are in charge of the markets in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and other countries in Southeast Asia and the agency of product sales network. Relying assembly and testing center in china, we will provide better services in Asian market.

Product: Diverse type of valve made of Bronze, Brass, cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, cast steel, forged steel, ect. are fabricated to the specifications of international standards for their R&D, fabrication and inspection. In addition to a further refinement in the aspect of technology, the environmental suitability for each type of product is still more stressed. At the present time, our products have been widely applied to many public constructions and factories owned by public and private organizations. For example: Taipei MRT, Kaohsiung Mrt, Terminal 2 Taoyuan International Airport, local incinerators, Everpower Power plant, semiconductor factories and electronic factories including; TSMC #6, #12 and #14 factories; Macronix, Winbond, Promos, AU Optronics, Powerchip Semiconductor Corp., Holtek, Global Technology Alliance, Chuanghwa picture tube, Hannstar, TSMC-ACER, Mosel, Nanya Technology Corporation, WSMC, Shanghai GSMC, SMIC, Foxconn (Hon Hai Group), etc.; public and private organizations including; China Stell Corp., China Shipbuilding Corp., China Petroleum Corp., Chungwa Telecom, National Taiwan Unverital, Veterans General Hospitals, Far Eastern Century Square, Formosa Plastic Group, etc.

Since 1973, first thermoplastic valves manufacturer in Taiwan, SH has been specializing in the R&D, and production of valves and pipes. For the past 30 years, we’ve been in the lead in product quality with state-of-the-art technology and process. Our products, sold in more than 40 countries worldwide, are extensively used and applied in a wise variety of piping system, gaining a good reputation as a reliable supplier. SH people, committed to the five beliefs all the time---HONESTY, RELIABLITY, RESPONSLIBILITY, COURTESY AND HONOUR---working together as a responsible and reliable team, are leaded by a group of resilient and determined leaders, and dedicated to design, innovation, and quality increase with business growth. In order to ensure high quality products, we have been successfully certified by NSF (American National Sanitation Federation), Lloy’s and BSI quality assurance. Based on the belief in providing more complete product line and one-stop-shopping service, we continued to expand our product line in a variety of size to meet customer’s needs for a complete line of pipes by developing new materials, such as UPVC, CPVC, PP HD-PE, ABS, and PVDF, and bringing in advanced extrusion equipment and techniques from Austria and Germany, respectively. We have become one of the leading manufacturers in the world with the most complete line of thermoplastic valves, fittings and pipes and the widest variety of materials. Self-encouraged SH people are always in pursuit of excellence for the sole purpose of total customer satisfaction. Besides, you are always welcome at our company at any time and we prize your highly valued opinions. We continue to be devoted to the R&D and innovation in this industry to win customer approval and receive customer compliments.

PRO UNID CO., LTD has been established since 1988 in Taipei, specialized in producing Solenoid Valves applied to fluid control. We built up our own brand “miT-UNiD-cns” at the same year and promoted it to all over the world. Competing with the major industrial countries, such as Europe, United State and Japan, we get excellent recognition at global market. We hold the largest market share in field Two way, Two position Solenoid Valve in Taiwan. Our sales network stretches to not only in Taiwan but also the whole world. Since we stepped into the industries of Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Automatic Fluid Control, we have insisted our business concept: 3 TOPs – Top quality, Top Service and Top Credit. Our quality keeps pace with the major industrial countries at a reasonable price. Our solenoid Valves are appointed for global medical equipment in Europe. To keep up with the latest technology, we are investing the most in research and development. In 1997, our production in SheZi was at full capacity. In 1998, we established the factory in LuZhou. In 1999, we made the huge investment in Electric Actuator, the series of motor valves was designed and developed successfully in 2000, and got into the mass production. From 2001, we are certified to ISO 9001 and gain access to OEM/ODM service for clients from whole world. In 2009, we relocated in BaDe, Taoyuan, and invested millions to enhance our capacity. Now, our valve body can be produced with uniform tolerance in 50 seconds only. Our products, Solenoid Valve and Electric Actuator, are applied in a wide board industries, especially widely used in Automation Machine Design, such as water control, temperature control, refrigerated air conditioning, automatic filling equipment, fire sprinkler, agricultural irrigation, spa massage (SPA), steam bath, chemical and food machinery industry. We provide good products to meet your requirements, according to the specific type of fluid and temperature. We have competitive advantages in technology, quality control, and after-sales service.

SUNTORK Suntork was founded in 1990. We are retailer, which specialized in electronic, pneumatic actuators and wide range of valves and associated equipments. All the of our products are adhered to high-quality of Services, which includes seamless products integration, efficient product maintenance and repairing. Complete solutions of fluid-control were provided for application in divers Industries such as Sewage Treatment, VOC Exhaust Treatment, Stive control, Food, Pharmaceutical, Renewable Energies and so on. Customization and modification for specific product application are available. Also, Suntork is exclusive retailer of well-known actuators Brands which includes SUNYEH, NCD and Alpha Air. All products we offer have been certified with approval of various certifications, such as CE, CSA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, REACH, and RoHS certificates. Apart from retailing, Suntork also specified in manufacture of self-developed Microcomputer-Controlled 6-ways Valves and Air Tight Thermal Resistant Dampers. Suntork provide no Product but Guarantee!

WYECO AUTO VALVES CO., LTD. was founded in 1975 by Mr. and Mrs. Chiu. After 10 years of hard work, in 1986 the company developed various automation control valves, among which the first generation Y-type valve obtained patents from many countries. Afterward, along with Taiwan’s rapid economic growth, WYECO plays a critical role in Taiwan’s valve industry. In the following year, Weichen Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in Luzhou District, New Taipei City.

In 1988, the company as the first in the industry set up computerized precision CV testing equipment in Luzhou plant and developed the second generation Y-type valve in May. For business expansion, the company bought land in Luchu, Taoyuan, and moved to the current site of Taoyuan plant. Between 1992 and 1995, WYECO products made repeated success in dying industry equipment and cooperate with Ichinose Co., Ltd. from Japan and won all steam control valve orders from HISAKA Works, Ltd. In 1995, WYECO started to implement ISO-9002. Within one year, the company obtained ISO-9002 certification. At the same time, the company developed graphic control CV testing equipment.

Taiwan in 1980 was facing a period of time when the world economy was booming. Several young enthusiastic students who were aiming at dedicating into the industry development set up the company which located in the important town of industry-Taipei Country .Through the 35 years’ tillage and development, VALUE nowadays has been an international valve enterprise group gathers research development, design, manufacture, inspection and marketing. VALUE rank No.1 in the field of valve in Taiwan.

Profession builds up quality, service value .VALUE has been exporting its products to the United States, Japan, Europe, Oceania and other advanced industrial and regions, furthermore, it has been a partner of BASF,MOBIL,SHELL,IHI,VEOLIA,SIEMENS VAI, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kobe Steel and other internationally renowned technology, superior quality. The island of Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics Group, Chi Mei Industrial Group, Changchun Chemical Engineering, Far Eastern Textile Group , Taiwan’s China Steel, China Petroleum, China Shipbuilding Group and other large enterprises are also included. VALUE’ s products are widely used in petroleum and petrochemical products, steel, shipbuilding, energy. water treatment, paper, air-conditioning, electronic and other industrial fields.

King Young Valves Co.,Ltd was established in 1985 and headquarter is in Taipei,Taiwan. King Young Valves Co.,Ltd is leading manufacturer of valves and had been supplied the best quality and the most competitive price such as concentric butterfly valves, double eccentric butterfly valves, and diaphragm control valves for over 30 years.